Larry m00s you home to Gentoo.org
Hmmm... don't really know what to write here. But I thought a third button would look nice. At mid April '04 when I still haven't had the time and motivation to sit down and set up Gentoo on my box I was flipping through the forum pages many times. And as a Gentoo'er-to-be the least I could do was starting to create a wallpaper.
Thanks to reactions in the forum and some kind of strange affection towards Larry (maybe because sometimes I look just as sick) a second one should follow soon (and a third and a fourth...).

For comments you can always (mis/ab)use the private messenging system on the forum or send me some mail. If german language is no problem for you you can also visit my private website and leave a message there in the contact / nefbook section (currently not working). You could also decide not to react in any way (that's an option not many websites offer ;)). Whatever.

...fast forward seven years without changing what I wrote back then...

An e-mail made me come back to those wallpapers and reactivating this site in June of 2011, thanks Sebastian! Hopefully more to come.